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"As you’ll see next week, trying to figure out that last word is a big deal for Stiles and Lydia… Stiles and Lydia are going to be teaming up next week."

—Ian Stokes, Afterbuzz (via atthestartoftime)
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Leo Fitz Week » Day One: Favourite Fitz Moments

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also one reason why I love Halstead so much is that season finale ep, in the show full of cops with gray areas, he’s the one who stepped up (ok with Antonio’s help) and said ‘but no this is wrong I know there are some things we gotta do for the sake of greater good but this is just plain wrong’

man jay and his moral compass <3

also his sass

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Queen Halstead strikes again.

Maybe one day. Oh, definitely.

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in a state of “not sure if haven’t worn this bra in ages or boobs got bigger”

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