castle leoch 1.02

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I really thought he was my s o u l m a t e.

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1x06 - Potentia Noctis


witches of east end: the mix. [listen here]

  • the beautiful people, marilyn manson
  • silver lining, hurts
  • square one, jessie j
  • come as you are, masha
  • time after time, colton dixon
  • xo, john mayer
  • in your nature (david lynch remix), zola jesus
  • immigrant song, karen o
  • burn with you, lea michele
  • love is a camera, sophie ellis-bextor

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wendy beauchamp in “art of darkness”

I have known Killian in every life i’ve been to so far… and every time we fall in love.

Ian Bohen in The Dark Knight Rises

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Holy shit that ava/morell bitch is very creepy
a baby are u srs
A BABY GOD so creepy
ewewewew stop
go back to Freya Killian
this is torture

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What is this ‘eva/ava/whatever is my wife’ bullshit
why do i have the strong feeling she’s controlling him
ugh Morell go back into your own show

hey Americans, if you think the way how your country treats homosexuals in certain states is horrible

there’s a 50/50 chance our president will announce a referendum about “a preservation of a nuclear family” and if that referendum is successful, it will become a constitutional law

meaning that anything other than a woman-man marriage will be strictly prohibited, and that also means no adoption for the same-sex couples

no nothing for the same-sex couples, not even an acknowledgement that they are a “couple”

even no sexual education and an education about euthanasia in schools without a parental permission


we’d rather ban people from being happy and living their life as they please and with whoever they please (I mean seriously, what do they ever do to you people? Are homosexuals kidnapping your kids and poisoning their minds with their satanic doctrine?)

and we’ll stop educating our kids because we don’t have enough pregnant 14yo girls because they “didn’t know they can get pregnant from sex” (I heard that myself)

oh my god everybody is slowly allowing a same-sex marriage but nooo, not us, we’re making the same-sex marriage prohibited bY LAW

(not that it was allowed but srsly?)

I am so angry we’re slowly becoming Russia help

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Andy makes for a great Joffrey

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This is your birth.

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1x02 + Cinematography

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