make me choosepirateswaan asked hook or robin ?

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*sighs deeply* dylan o’brien

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zade + water

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Your Olicity is showing.

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the huge-ass shipment fee american shopping sites issue for international orders is mind-boggling

45$ is super common, even 50$ or 60$

like, do you guys realise that I have an income tax to pay? And it’s not calculated from the value of those shoes, but from the value of the entire order, plus shipping.

So if I bought shoes for 25$ with the UPS International that, for some reason, is super pricy (60$??) and that many of those sites keep using - it’s 85$ for the shoes. That’s roughly 61€. Income tax is 20% off the entire order value = 12€. That’s 73€ for the shoes that cost 18€ in the US.

Tom Hiddleston on the set of Crimson Peak (4.16.14)

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Talk shit get hit.

best delivery of a verbal bitch slap in cinematic history.

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The 21 Most Ridiculous Infomercial GIFs

IM LAUGHING SO HARD at #6 omFG how do these people even survive

why would you even put an iron in a washing machine…

omg #9 is such an accurate representation of my life

this is amAZING OMFG

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They’re really humble, really down to earth, both very hard-working and incredibly focused. I felt really proud to be part of that little gang and to see how well they were working together.

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